Most women I advise feel like something is missing in their lives. They can’t quite figure out what it is…Maybe it’s a relationship struggle, maybe it’s a career that doesn’t fill their soul, or maybe they’ve become numb, chasing kids around living a “normal” life.If this resonates with you, I want to let you in on a little secret. Actually, a big secret. The reason you feel unsettled, numb, or unhappy has nothing to do with your relationships or your career. It’s because you are a woman, living in your masculine energy.Fill Your Soul is all about teaching women to do what they were born to do, create a life of abundance by tapping into their feminine energy.Opening up your feminine energy on a moment-by-moment basis is the key to living a life that fills your soul. Come with me on a journey to discover a world of awakening, a world of love, nature, Spirit, magic, and abundance. I will show you how to:• release old thought patterns• create new ones which serve your Higher Purpose• reunite you with your Inner Child, Mother Earth and your guides, and• greet the new world which is waiting for you. Once upon a time, I was a hard-charging, career-oriented woman earning a six-figure income in sales. But I felt empty inside.Money would come and go, and I found myself facing an ugly divorce. All because I did things the masculine way. I worked hard, followed the rules, and stuffed my intuition down deep so it wouldn’t get in the way. But that’s when things started to change. I began studying with amazing teachers who taught me how to explore my gifts and listen to my intuition. Along the way, I’ve learned to live a life of joy by tuning into my feminine superpower. The same superpower I want to show you how to develop. I've been told on more than one occasion that I seem to live in my own world. Lil's world. Where it's normal to take a day off because it's pretty outside, throw a last-minute pepper jelly party, grab a crystal to heal your belly, burn some intentions and have a moon ceremony. Talking to owls, listening to Blue People. Everybody does this, right? My life is filled with joyful abundance. It’s a world of passion, of healing, of speaking up, following your dreams and sharing your creative gifts with the world regardless of what anyone else thinks.It's the opposite of doing things the old way... of grinding it out, pushing through, keeping your mouth shut and doing what you're supposed to do. Energetically, that's the masculine way. My world is about living the feminine way.For years I've taught clients through private sessions, groups and mini retreats but my spirit is calling me to share what I've learned with the world. To elevate awareness of how living in your true feminine spirit brings you the life you really want, a life that fills your soul.Praise for Fill Your Soul While there are many books on the market that give you suggestions on how to enhance your life, most go in one ear and out the other, and are soon forgotten. Fill Your Soul is different. This book exudes genuine joy. It wakes up your spirit with each exciting page, offering surprising, refreshing, practical yet honest wisdom that works fast. As you read, you soon discover that life is ready to restore the love and luxury you yearn for and deserve as soon as you are ready to receive it. If you want to feel enriched in every way, Fill Your Soul will surely help make that possible. Sonia Choquette, New York times bestselling author of The Answer is Simple and Ask Your Guides Lillian's work helps you tune into the best version of yourself by providing a different perspective and lots of mind and heart-opening spiritual guidance. I am so excited that she put her gifts and mission into words so I can revisit the powerful message often. This book is going to become a staple on my nightstand. Lori Crete, Beauty Industry Coach