Are You A Target? Fight the Good Fight God's Way Book & Companion Workbook by Elizabeth Hillby


2 books! Your book comes with a 2nd workbook companion.

Are You a Target?

Fight the Good Fight God's Way Workbook is an easy reading Bible Study on Spiritual Warfare. It is interactive to strengthen intercessors and prayer warriors in the battle they fight on their knees. Prayer warriors of maturity or young in the LORD can benefit from this focused workbook. It brings a closer walk with God through the self-reflective questions that go deep into the soul. An extended battle can make the most faithful prayer warrior weary. Learn to recognize the enemy's tactics to lift the shield of faith before he can strike.


“In her workbook Are You a Target? Fight the Good Fight God’s Way. Liz Hilby gives every believer in Christ the practical and spiritual tools we need to walk out our Christian faith. This workbook is great material for the new believer or the seasoned veteran to help them to be reminded of who they are in Christ and how to live victoriously giving even more glory to our savior. Living victoriously is a battle that can be won with proper knowledge. I recommend this work book as a wonderful resource for the local church or any individual Christian trying to mature and get better equipped in the service of our Lord. “
Dr. Ray Self, President, The International College of Ministry

"I use this book all the time for letter writing. I never know what to say to someone in a difficult time. With this, I just open it up and always find something that is the exact words I want to say. It is a great help when you don't know what to say to someone." P.D.