Tiger Kingdom & The Book of Destiny by Stacie Eirich


Once upon a time, on a cold autumn night, Suzie dreams of tigers rushing past on the streets outside her bedroom. Her twin brother Jack tells her it was only a dream, but was it?  When a school writing assignment turns magical, Suzie and Jack find themselves in a mysterious, enchanted forest: Tiger Kingdom. There, they meet magical creatures, find a fairytale castle and discover that they aren’t the only children in the kingdom. 
When Suzie & Jack meet Sampson, the Tiger King, he tells them that Queen Mohini and her cubs have gone missing. The tigers have also lost something else that is precious to them: The Book of Destiny. Without it, the forest is haunted by night spirits that threaten the safety of a once peaceful kingdom. 
Will Suzie & Jack be able to help find the Book of Destony and restore peace to the kingdom? Are the tigers hiding secrets? follow Susie and Jack as they go on an adventure in tiger kingdom, a world of magic, mystery and dreams.