Audience of One at the Mercy Seat


Audience of One at the Mercy Seat

Delight our lord as the Holy Spirit transforms your prayer time into a time of power that brings life-altering results.

Seeing Jesus pray, declare, and forgive with results that brought change, the disciples questioned him on how to pray. Jesus responded to them with the Lord’s Prayer. Jesus also challenges the disciples, and challenges us today too, to be one with the Father as he was one with a God. 

Is today your day to step into a life of worship, prayer and oneness with a Christ that is life-altering. Audience of One at the Mercy Seat is an interactive study of the seven points of prayer Jesus taught the disciples. It is threefold in that it will challenge you to pray with results, begin to hear the Spirit speak God’s “thus says the Lord” for yourself, and move you toward a deeper personal worship time with the Father. Beloved, your latter days can be better than your former! 

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